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The cryptocurrency space in Kenya has been marred by a lot of noise, most Kenyans who have invested in cryptocurrencies can barely explain any other uses of the blockchains they invest in other than profit. This has left them vulnerable to the price volatility roller coaster rides which can test the average investor’s patience and emotions.

We recently sought to use the Bitcoin Cash blockchain to develop our own token for fun! DepotKE 

Genesis Block : c45e844fac81c5fa0bcdcce41cc56243df1f77b1641816a35275b8a18c9b02aa

Supply : 21,000,000 Tokens

This was fairly easy to create using the Simple Ledger Protocol

The Tokens can be used for;

  1. Educational purposes – This can be used to explain how the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain ecosystem works. The lecturer can easily distribute them to students cheaply without having to worry on costs of transaction fees.
  2. They can be shared among family and friends for fun
  3. Businesses can have a faucet distributing them to customers who in turn can use them to get discounts on purchases
  4. They can be collateralized as proof of ownership for company shares

Hopefuly in future Kenyan developers will come up with more innovative ways to use SLP tokens on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.