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Stablecoins on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain

The rise of Stablecoins has seen increased congestion and many other smart contract issues question the security Ethereum's layer 2 network. When CryptoKitties (late 2017) and many initial coin offerings were launched on the Ethereum network, the network experienced alot of glitches, we realized that Ethereum was not going to be a successful replacement for the Bitcoin blockchain. Ethereum remains a great virtual platform for Dapps and we’re yet to see what Ethereum 2.0 has to offer.

The Simple Ledger Protocol remains one of the most fascinating developments for us in the Bitcoin Cash space. Blockchain developers in Kenya should take advantage and pioneer the development of a Stablecoin on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain and seek legal and financial advice on how their newly developed products can be domiciled in Kenya.

There's only one known SLP based stablecoin on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain called HonestCoin. It has largely been ignored yet it offers a better solution than Tether, built on the Ethereum network. 

According to eth.events, Tether pays $ 14,000 in transaction fees daily on the Ethereum network, for the same amount of trasactions on Bitcoin Cash the total trasaction fees would be $120. 

August 28, 2019