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Shop in Kenya from Anywhere


Before you purchase Bitcoin Cash, you might want to know how and where you would use it, holding it somewhere in a wallet might not be reason enough but if you are patient enough (could be months or years), you just might make a profit.

The Bitcoin Cash blockchain has grown in leaps and bounds since August 2017. Every entrepreneur, developer and enthusiast who has used it across the world genuinely feel like they are a part of a network “by the people, for the people” exactly as it was envisioned in the Bitcoin whitepaper.

In Kenya, the mobile money platform already offers an effective way to move funds (small-value). So what else would Bitcoin Cash offer that isn’t already available?

For the average user

• Get upto 33% discount for shopping with Bitcoin Cash on Purse.io
• Book flights using CheapAir.com
• Book accomodation all around the world using Travala.com

See merchants around the world who accept Bitcoin Cash from Marco Coino or AcceptBitcoin.cash

For the technical user (Developer/Enthusiast)
• Create and manage your own secure tokens on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain
• Smart contracts on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain using Cashscript

So why should you use Bitcoin Cash?

Because it is an affordable reliable payment network that only charges ONE Kenya shilling or less per transaction for any amount.

Is it legal to use the Bitcoin Cash blockchain in Kenya?

Is it illegal to use the Internet? Unless you’re using it for illegal purposes which would be easily detected using traditional law enforcement techniques, use of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain should be legal

July 31, 2019